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Cartmel Rise Equestrian Centre

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Christmas School 2013

Well its that time of year again and the Cartmel Rise Christmas School is almost here!

Its the big 5 day Christmas School! Days one to four are learning how to do a dressage test. This includes walk, trot and canter work, shapes and figures involved in your tests and is a lot of fun. On the Thursday night everyone comes back up to Cartmel Rise for a BBQ and presentation of the fun awards for the students participating in the school. Then on the last day all the horses get dressed up and you get to do your very own Dressage test! We also have demonstrations during the school on many things like saddling a horse, plaiting, grooming for shows and much more.

This year the school runs from the 16th to the 20th of December.Lessons start from 8:30am and usually wraps up daily at about 1pm but we will start very early if it is going to be HOT!

The Cartmel Rise Christmas School is very popular and always fills up fast so book as soon as possible to avoid missing out.