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Cartmel Rise Equestrian Centre

Adelaide Horse Riding Lessons

Photo Gallery

Lyn's other little helpers Lyn's other little helpers Paperwork Man Have you filled out your forms today? 88513116 Helmet Man Don't forget your Helmet! 88513117 Tack room door Man Be safe up here. 88513118 Tack room wall man Don't forget to lock up. 88513119 Emergency Man In case of emergency... 88513120 Pellets Man Not too many pellets hehe 88513121 Tacking up Man Watch out all horses can kick and bite even the nice ones! 88513122 Oaten Hay Man This has to last 5 weeks! 88513123 Lucine Man Mmm... Breakfast... 88513124 Gate Keeper Man Have a safe ride 88513125 Meadow Man Meadow for the hoses when they are in their yards :) 88513126 Not quite right Photo Man Don't have too much fun while Lyn is gone hehe 88513127 White Board Man Don't forget what is written on the white board. 88513128 Fridge Man Mmm... Tim Tams... essential riding food! 88513129 Kettle Man Coffee, the essential riding beverage. 88513130 Suger Man ENERGY!!!!!! 88513131 Halter Man Don't leave them out in the rain! 89422525 Rest Man Don't forget to rest! 89422526