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Cartmel Rise Equestrian Centre

Adelaide Horse Riding Lessons

Photo Gallery

Our past horses Our past horses Mac RIP Mac .. you will never ever be forgotten.. 67906560 Mac 67906561 Mac 67906562 Mac 67906563 Mac 67906564 Mac 67906565 Mac 67906566 Garthon 67906567 Garthon 67906568 Garthon 67997175 Garthon 67997176 Garthon 67997177 Getti 68000947 Mac 63215948 68307574 68307575 68307576 mac walking cait lol 64742410 Mac macci all tacked up 64278031 mac 64740281 68926595 cute as! i won those fluffy yellow things in a comp and decided to put em on Mac. how cute are they?! =) 68926596 68926597 Maccie Such a beautiful boy 72479616 back in the day jess on tash me on chizzzzzie :D 109913639