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Cartmel Rise Equestrian Centre

Adelaide Horse Riding Lessons

Photo Gallery

Getti and Rafiki Getti and Rafiki rafiki 64771955 rafiki 64771956 raf 64771958 getti and rafiki having a snooze... is tiring being a baby 64771959 getti and raf little leggy foal he is! 64771960 getti and rafiki 64771961 mum and foal 64771962 raf and getti 64771963 raf dont think you would say vertically challenged! looooonnng legs! 64771964 raf he got a goati! but he is baby =P 64771965 rafiki 64771966 raf love the markings! 64771967 getti and rafiki 64771968 sleeps 64771969 oh so very tired 64771970 getti and raf doing her mummy duties 64771971 raf, briony and bec dunno if the lil one is happy bout the cuddles lol 64773311 raf his baby colour came out and turned into this nice one! 64773312 lil rafiki chillen in the paddock 64773313 hoon mucking round, silly baby =P 64773314 rafiki and jack the two brothers meet, sadly mini raf is a tiny bit smaller than jack! 64773315 raf and getti poser! 64773316 raf tired foal! 64773317 raf he only mini man here.... wait till you see the giant he has become! 64773318 tay tay, briony and raf looking a little ugly here, wooly pony! 64773320 havin a trot showing off his movement, oh god its awesome! 64773321 tall rafiki yeh he a bit tall this one! 64773322 raf at shannas he a big boy now! 66529803 raf and bess he is v. tall and in this pic he isn't even two!! 64773323 raf at shannas 66529804 big boy raf look how big raf is next to briony!! 66529805 raf and briony 66529806 the girls and raf 66529807 preety raf 66529808 rafiki 66529809 bess and raf mmmmm........ tastes like chicken! 66529810