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Cartmel Rise Equestrian Centre

Adelaide Horse Riding Lessons

Photo Gallery

Lyn Competing Lyn Competing lyn and graf 64096310 lyn and bigger and older pepsi (graf) o soo cute i see why every one mistakes him for pepper now 64096311 lyn on her friend Robyns horse Braveheart, or mostly known as Mac 64276988 Lyn on her friend Sarah's horse, Pearl 64276989 lyn on Mac at the october 09 spring champs 64276990 lyn in her dressage test on Mac 64276991 Lyn on Mac again 64276992 lyn on her retired dressage horse, Graf at the 08 spring champs 64276993 lyn on Graf at 08 spring champs 64276994 State Champs 09- Lobethal Photo by Holly Ewins 64379933 warming up before a test on Graffie 64276995 State Champs 09 Photo by Holly Ewins 64379934 State Champs 09 Photo by Holly Ewin 64379935 State Champs 09 Photo by Holly Ewin 64379936 Lyn And Jack Jacks second comp at strath. He competed in two novice tests 69975709 Lyn and Jack at strath 69975710 Lyn and Jack Don't they look good 69975711 Lyn and Jack Lyn came first in this test. How cool is that! 69975712